To log into the system enter your name or the abbreviation given to you by the supervisor into the Login Namefield.

Then enter your password into the Passwordfield. If this is the first time you log in, the supervisor will have allocated the password; afterwards you can choose your own password.

Note: both are case senistive, "Login Name" and "Password".

Use the field Language to select the language to be used by the programme\'s user interface. The default language is the language setting for your browser.

You can store the log-in data in your computer by means of a cookie, using the option memorise data. But remember that unauthorised people can then also log in. Saving log-in data is always insecure!

Finally, click on OK. The programme then will check your log-in name and your password. If you are successful, you will gain access to the ystem - if not, you will get an error message and then you can try again.

If you still have problems, contact the Subervisor who gave you the log-in name and your password.


Program by Björn Petersen Software Design and Development.